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Training Workbooks

We have created Training manuals for Government Departments including Hunter New England Health and Lifetime Care and Support. We have also worked with Training organisations and RTO's to deliver Design and Print of Training Manuals that engage their audience and help them to learn in a fun and creative way. We can design and print your workbook and deliver a product that you will be able to plug into your program to enhance the user experience and make the trainers role easier.

We can also create interactive training resources and mobile apps, please see this page for more details interactive

Balanced Wealth Creation

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Managing Pain Booklet

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Designing your training manual well and keeping it up to date is a very valuable asset. You can also provide sample pages to prospective customers to show the value of the content

  • It needs to be easy to read and have a clear contents section preferably with colour coded sections
  • Be well presented
  • Creative illustrations that educate on the concept being taught
  • Becomes a resource they refer back to that they can quickly go back to key concepts with

Also keep the following in mind

  • Compelling content that is structured in an organised way
  • Relevant to your audience and their level of skills
  • Designed in a way that fits the way it will be used

You can also have a version for the facilitator that will allow them to see key points to remember and has checklists to allow them to prepare well before the workshop