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Mobile Web

Convert your Website to Mobile

By 2014 Internet analysts predict that there will be more people browsing the internet using a mobile phone than people browsing the internet via a desktop computer or laptop. While the software on the latest 'smart' phones can display a website meant for a computer in a efficient way it is still 'clunky' as the user is required to zoom-in and zoom-out to see content, this is because mobile phones have much smaller screens than a typical desktop or laptop computer. For this reason many businesses have opted to have their website re-tooled to fit a mobile phone's smaller screen real estate. This re-tooling is made easier when using Content Management Systems, like for example, Adobe Business Catalyst, which are adapting to the new trend of mobile browsing.

Convert Business Catalyst into Mobile Web

With more and more people becoming adapt at using mobile phones to browse the web to quickly find important information about your business on the 'go' it is important to have your website designed with mobile users in mind. At Design Reaction we can convert your website to display efficiently on smaller mobile screens, which will help your businesses by increasing the time mobile users will spend on your website, which can result in attracting more potential customers.

Other benefits if you convert Business Catalyst into mobile web

Your website will function the same as before, except when users browse your website on a mobile it will automatically adjust to the screen real estate of their mobile phone, meaning you only need to maintain one website, you can advertise a single link to your website for all users and all the SEO optimisations you had on your website for computers carry over!