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Magazine Design

Effective magazine design is about creating excitement and energy around your articles and providing content that people are interested in. This can be achieved by using different styles for each section of the magazine while still maintaining and overall theme that represents the magazine. We have created magazine design for companies such as Ultra FIT magazine where we were able to design captivating pages and also help the advertisers to create more compelling advertisements by designing press ads that attract the viewer to take notice of their product or service. The key in press ad design is to realise that it is either a branding exercise (where you will need at least 7 issues of the magazine to generate brand awareness) or it is a call to action promotion where you are creating urgency around an offer for a limited time. You also need to make sure you are directing people to a next step so that they know what to do ie go to your website and subscribe or answer a question or enter a competition or purchase.

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