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10 Tips for making more sales online
  1. Does your product or service solve a problem people actually care about? How do you know? If your basic offer doesn't appeal to your prospect, you're sunk before you begin. Make sure you're selling something people want.
  2. Let prospects know they're buying from a human being. Keep your language personal, friendly, and (for most markets) informal. Sound like a person, not a pitching machine.
  3. Tell a story about how you solved this problem for yourself before you started selling the solution to others. Let readers put themselves in your shoes. Let the prospect feel, "Wow, this person is a lot like me."
  4. Fix your typos, make sure your links work, avoid grammar mistakes that make you look dumb. Reassure your prospect that you know what you're doing.
  5. Test two headlines. When you find a winner, run it against a new headline. Keep eliminating second-best. Google Adwords is a quick and efficient way to do this.
  6. Try testing an "ugly" version of the sales copy. Boring fonts, not much layout, no pretty colors. Weirdly, sometimes a bare-bones presentation works better. Don't just run ugly without testing it, though, because it doesn't always win.
  7. Instead of sending traffic right to a sales page, put them through a six- or seven-message autoresponder first. Give them enough information to build their trust and let them know you're the best resource.
  8. Strengthen your call to action. Make sure you've clearly told readers exactly what to do next.
  9. Make sure you've described your product or service in enough detail. If it's physical, give the dimensions and some great photos. If it's digital, tell them how many hours of audio you include, how many pages are in the PDF. Don't assume your prospects already know any details — spell everything out.
  10. Getting traffic from advertising, pay-per-click, or guest posting? Be sure your landing page is tied to your traffic source. If you're running a pay-per-click campaign for "Breed Naked Mole Rats," make sure the words "Breed Naked Mole Rats" are in your headline for the landing page.

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Future-proof your business

Technology is always changing, and it's well known that when it comes to tech, something you've bought one day can technically be obsolete the next week. This is usually just one of those things you need to accept as part of business - but what if you could avoid that issue all together? Read More ›
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Be Search Engine Friendly

Every day, millions upon millions of people are using search engines like Google to find news, information, products or services. No matter what your product or service is, the chances are that at this very moment there is someone looking for you. Read More ›
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Keep in Contact with Your Customers

In our previous tip we discussed how and why you should be building your customer database - because your current customers are a fertile source for recurring revenues and for spreading the word about your products. Read More ›
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Build a Customer Database

Garnering awareness and acquiring customers is one of the great challenges or building a business. It is so essential that there is an entire business discipline dedicated to this - which we know as marketing. It's fair to say that any customer that finds your business or website is highly valuable to you, and you want to hold on to them as long as possible. Read More ›
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Update your site regularly

Can you update your site yourself? We're not talking about big design changes or anything, just news and announcements, maybe some articles you've written, or a monthly blog post or two. Read More ›
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Email and Social Media, top marketing strategy for 2011

Email and social will continue to get closer as more marketers integrate the two channels with each other. More than a quarter of respondents said they had already formulated and implemented a strategy for making email and social work together, and another 43% plan to make efforts toward integration in 2011, though some are more prepared than others.  Read More ›
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Using Google WonderWheel to improve searching and SEO

Google Wonder Wheel is a new feature from Google that makes searching more visual and managing your own SEO more doable, to find out more watch the video below... Read More ›
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A brand proudly represents what your company stands for. To your customers it is a visible assurance of the friendly atmosphere they can expect from you. Which is why it deserves to be used carefully, consistently and with pride. Read More ›
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