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Click Calling

Imagine if your customer could be connected to the exact expert they want to talk to, immediately. How good does your business look and how effective is your website when a visitor has this level of access.
To accomplish this result the call enabled buttons are placed on a website and you nominate in your account where to connect those buttons (as many as you need). Now your calls are connected to particular phone numbers, answered by experts in the particular products or services marketed on the pages containing that button. In other words, each call button can easily connect the end user to a different person or group, whoever is most appropriate.
Specialist services have implemented the call buttons to target expert-intensive products and services, such as safety advice or critical customer support.

By nature (or need) we are impatient, and especially those who shop on the internet, they are used to receiving information immediately, that’s why they are using the internet in the first place after all. If you are able to deal with any concerns they may have while they are actually on your site, the more likely they are to buy from "you".

To determine the cost, benefit, risks and ROI of implementing Click to Call technology.

"For the study, Forrester interviewed multiple organizations using Click to Call technology in a bid to uncover the financial impact of implementing Click to Call. For retailers, the study's impressive results show a 143 percent average ROI using Click to Call, among a number of other benefits. From the "Total Economic Impact" study, Forrester also found Click to Call increased online revenues by more than 2.5 million over a three year period.. The study's findings also uncovered the average conversion rate of Click to Call users was significantly higher than non users, and that prospects who used Click to Call as the primary means of communication were better informed and asked more detailed questions in comparison to toll-free callers."

We know what it takes to be a successful internet business, we deal with literally hundreds of different businesses every week and we understand the challenges you face, we also know for a fact that this, as well as all our other products, actually deliver significant return for our customers. They don’t view our products as a cost but as an investment. We’d love to help you realise your online aspirations and, whether you are an old hand or just starting out, we would love to help you achieve your ambitions.

ClickCalling™ - a marketing tool which includes a call.
ClickCalling™ technology currently in use by thousands of our clients provides a dialer box for an end user to enter their phone number, when they want to talk to a business website representative. Once the call is requested by the end user, our virtual switchboard calls both the end user and the business, and connects the two together for an ordinary telephone conversation, with the call taking place outside of the consumer's computer.
ClickCalling™ is a marketing tool first and foremost. It is not a telco product, it is a marketing enhancement tool which "includes" a personal 2 way call as one of its components. We leave the telco business to the telco's. Try getting instant service there.
What Does It Cost?

As to cost, the website business pays for the ClickCalling™ marketing service, providing a free call to the caller. 2 way calls, are a cost effective marketing tool provided by Nascomms™ since ®1999. With our virtual switchboard once the connection of the two parties is complete our servers drop out of the loop immediately the connection is made, call measuring reports are updated in real time. The calls are included in our packaged service, no call billing is involved.

Our standard service - pay as you go - is AUD$97 which you can register for from this site. It includes all the reporting, calls, and buttons, Search Engine tracking as a single payment all inclusive price. We also have a monthly service or a combined package including internet and non-internet tracking tools.

Buttons - Brand your own
While placement, image, text and branding, are all critical parts to achieve call results, businesses need also understand the exact kind of images to use to grab Web surfer's attention and take these and other factors into consideration when designing the call button for their website, emails and electronic brochures.
Among the suggestions, from our feedback are an image that is subtle, yet entices callers to click. As well, images of "real" people rather than models achieve better results, and the use of a simple "click.xxxx.. " declaration can raise rates. Branding your buttons to suit your website is the recommended presentation, but position it in a place where it can be found without searching for it, after all why have the service if you are going to hide it away, it will affect your results. We do supply a small sample of images in the script we provide, these have been successful for our clients who do not have access to graphic designers to create their own. If all else fails we will create one for you.
Reports - 24/7 in real time
ClickCalling™ not only helps business to connect customers with their call center, but also, advanced solutions make use of real time analytics, offer personalized services and provide business with other key information. Our reporting information includes details of the caller, the time, date and duration of the call, the number presented with the caller, the ad source and promotion which generated the call. As well as an optional Google, Yahoo, Bing result for that call. In the search engine analytics we provide a CALL count, your other search engine features will continue to provide the CLICK count. These reports are available on demand for searching, sorting and viewing online, once you have filtered your required information you can download it to your computer for inhouse reports and budgets. If you are providing reports for clients or your own marketing meetings, you can simply add your letterhead and send them off with all the details relevant to your purpose.
Branding the Dialer
The benefits of adding ClickCalling™ to a business Website have become increasingly obvious, businesses have begun to educate themselves on the ways to make ClickCalling™ a successful element on their Web pages in a bid to draw Web surfers in and get them to call. Once they click on your branded call button, the dialer box will appear for your potential customer to enter their phone number. This dialer box is the next opportunity for you to brand this service with your images, header and body text. Branding the dialer continues your branding from your website button to your connection with the customer. If you wish you can have a custom greeting (production fees apply) so your customer hears your message once they answer their phone. It's all important branding... make it work for your business. Once you have your account established you can get started on the branding options in your account.
Market Selection
Not every business on the internet has a global customer base. We found this out from many of our trade clients. Their focus is their local market, or a national market. The market selection option provides your business the chance to specify your market region. Changing the "default global regions" to a national or local market audience is a simple click and save procedure within your account. Providing ClickCalling™ services to customers in the region your business services is making the best use of your marketing dollar and your ClickCalling™ account. However some of our biggest corporate clients found new global markets they hadn't previously seen, and some tourist resorts are now enjoying global bookings like never before. An added benefit they hadn't anticipated when they signed on for ClickCalling™ - the choice of market selection is best made by you for your business.

This is where our technology comes into its own.

In today's marketplace, the need to grab the attention of customers is more crucial than ever before. Customers needs today have changed greatly, and it is no longer common for people to browse through a Yellow Pages book in search of businesses or services. Instead, people are on the Web and they are searching online, on a company's website for information. By including ClickCalling™ technology, your businesses can grab hold of online consumers as they move through Website pages shopping around and looking for information, increasing the chances these potential customers will be calling for more information or to make a purchase. This is key in capturing sales online in today's fast paced competitive online marketplace. If you are still relying on written communications online, help strengthen your customers experience by offering a ClickCalling™ button – and watch “your tracked marketing results” to make your decision which is better.